Meet our Great Gorillas

14 : 'Bananarilla' by Miss*C

Can be found at: 'Exeter Bus Station, Exeter'

Sponsored by Stagecoach South West
Stagecoach South West


Albeit perhaps obvious symbolism for The Great Gorillas Project, the banana has been one of the most iconic images in contemporary art and music. When asked why he used a banana and its meaning, Andy Warhol is said to have replied, “It doesn’t have a meaning – it’s a banana!”


Miss*C is an urban community artist who divides her time creating her own work and teaching others. Born in London, Miss*C has spent the last six years teaching graffiti techniques and facilitating therapeutic arts workshops in a wide range of settings and locations in the UK and Europe.

Stagecoach South West

Stagecoach South West provides local bus services across Devon and into Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. Last year they carried a total of 27.5 million passengers and operated 14.1 million miles. Unlimited travel on all of their buses starts from just £2.58 per day. Visit to find out more.

Why did Stagecoach South West want to be a part of the Great Gorillas Project?
"This Project is a fantastic and fun way to highlight a serious issue and, of course, we hope it encourages more people to use our services in the pursuit of all the gorillas! "

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