Meet our Great Gorillas

17 : 'Skins' by Jessica Miller

Can be found at: 'Bottom of Stepcote Hill, Exeter'

Sponsored by ATASS Group


This gorilla features the skins and faces of various animals including leopard, zebra, jaguar and elephant. They represent the diversity of wildlife and show how it’s not only gorillas we should be fighting to protect, but many other animals also.

Jessica Miller

Jessica is a self-taught painter mostly specialising in wildlife portraits and scenery. She currently volunteers at Paignton Zoo and uses the animals there as inspiration for her work, as well as using photographs from other zoos she has had the chance to visit.


ATASS, a pioneering company with a portfolio of sustainable enterprises, operates in the areas of research, sport and education technology. We deliver tangible improvements in knowledge through the innovative application of statistics to complex problems. Our unrivalled team combines passion and skill to achieve commercial success with enduring social benefit.

Why did ATASS want to be a part of the Great Gorillas Project?
This project is an ideal way for us to participate with a number of partners who share our passion for conservation and to be part of a beautiful public engagement exercise that highlights the importance of doing more to protect wildlife.

Meet a Great Gorilla
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