Meet our Great Gorillas

19 : 'Nacho' by Gareth Lloyd

Can be found at: 'Shoalstone Pool, Brixham'

Sponsored by Wild in Art
Wild in Art



A love of masks and the mystery surrounding the wrestlers of Mexico led Gareth to this design. Nacho is ready to step into the ring! It’s a fun design which, when out on parade in Northampton, attracted the attention of children and adults alike. A fully grown silverback is as strong as 8 men... would you wrestle Nacho?

Gareth Lloyd

Northampton born and raised, Gareth found a passion for art early on in life and has been honing his skills ever since, now selling work to international collectors. Primarily a realist pencil artist, Gareth also enjoys painting, graffiti and sculpture.

His love of wildlife and nature led Gareth to this project, and being able to lend his creativity to such a worthwhile has been a great honour for him. Now based in Oxford, Gareth continues to sell his wildlife artwork in aid of a selection of animal charities and causes.

Meet a Great Gorilla
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