Meet our Great Gorillas

23. : 'Flagged' by Penny Robson

Can be found at: 'Victoria Street, Paignton'

Sponsored by Torbay Town Centres Company - Paignton BID
Torbay Town Centres Company - Paignton BID



As a child, the artist loved the designs and bright colours of the paper flags she used to decorate sand castles with. So when she was designing her gorilla, she began by looking at the flags of Africa. She chose ten flags representing the ten regions of Africa where gorillas can be found. She is a community art piece for people to help her paint.

Penny Robson

Penny has been involved in a variety of community art projects. In 2007 her ‘Tree of Life’ project with TCC won the ‘Trail’ Scrap Art Challenge award. She has exhibited with the Society of Botanical Artists and was awarded a silver medal by the RHS. She is a member of the Wildlife Art Society International and has exhibited at Nature in Art and at Paignton Zoo. Commissioned work includes Swansea City Council, Leisure Painter magazine, Macmillan Education, the Field Studies Council and Sutton Seeds.

Meet a Great Gorilla
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