Meet our Great Gorillas

28 : 'Bob' by Zac Lewis

Can be found at: 'Prince William Quay, Brixham'

Sponsored by Bob Hill Haulage
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You find your inspiration all around you. From the way the leaves change from green to yellow to the fine whiskers upon a leopard’s face which all have purpose. This commission represented a wonderful opportunity to place the image of a tipper truck upon a gorilla. Gorillas are amazing animals, that we know little about.

Zac Lewis

Zac was raised in Plymouth and developed an early interest in art. She won a competition at the age of seven with a painting of a policeman that was exhibited. At the age of nine she drew two still lifes at school which were exhibited and sold at the Plymouth Barbican Art Centre.

Whilst studying Graphic Design, she frequented Robert Lenkiewicz's studio, and as part of a college project she also got the chance to interview him. She went on to study fine art at the Canterbury Institute of Art and Design.

Following Zac’s first solo exhibition at the Chippenham Tourist Information Centre she became well known locally and exhibited regularly in Bath. She has also produced art work for band T-shirts and album covers and written lyrics for some well-known performing artists.

Meet a Great Gorilla
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