Meet our Great Gorillas

30 : 'Miss Prints' by Penny Robson

Can be found at: 'Harlequins Shopping Centre, Exeter'

Sponsored by Harlequins Shopping Centre
Harlequins Shopping Centre

‘Miss Prints’

The artist has been fascinated by the texture, colour and patterns of animal skins ever since she visited the zoo as a child and was given a skin shed by a snake. The prints, fur and feathers selected for the design are all on the IUCN Endangered Species list. She hopes people will enjoy trying to guess which animal they represent.

Penny Robson

Penny has been involved in a variety of community art projects. In 2007 her ‘Tree of Life’ project with TCC won the ‘Trail’ Scrap Art Challenge award. She has exhibited with the Society of Botanical Artists and was awarded a silver medal by the RHS. She is a member of the Wildlife Art Society International and has exhibited at Nature in Art and at Paignton Zoo. Commissioned work includes Swansea City Council, Leisure Painter magazine, Macmillan Education, the Field Studies Council and Sutton Seeds.

Harlequins Shopping Centre

Harlequins Shopping Centre is in the centre of Exeter, just a short walk from the High Street and linked to the Guildhall Shopping Centre. It’s got a great range of independent shops with top brands, a cafe when you want to relax and the convenience of onsite parking.

Why did Harlequins Shopping Centre want to be a part of The Great Gorillas Project?
“Harlequins like to be involved with the local community wherever possible, and this was a great opportunity to support an excellent cause and provide something interesting, artistic and educational for our customers.

The combination of free in-centre activities based around the Darth Vader display in the Centre at the weekends has proved really popular both with local families and holiday makers – and people are using the Great Gorillas trail map to find their way around the main sites of Exeter.”

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